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What's new 2019?

New application procedure

The parade has been a huge and even growing success for the last couple of years and we are truly happy about that. We are both proud and honored to see and feel the enormous support from participants and spectators. Based on feedback we have now come to the conclusion that Copenhagen Pride Parade has reached its maximum size.

We have therefore had to rethink and consider in which direction we would like to develop the parade. Our wish is to put quality, expression, content and variety into focus. We would like to see more LGBTQIA+ messages and make the parade even more enjoyable and interesting for the many spectators.

We are especially keen on giving space to those who bring strong messages of diversity and inclusion and to those who put in the extra effort in terms of creativity, decorations, costumes etc. We might need to make some really hard choices but we rather say no to bachelor parties and office parties than say no to LBGTQIA+ organizations.

In an attempt to archive the above we have implemented an application procedure for official Parade participation. Find more information under Application

Mandatory parade guides for all

For improved safety and due to the substantial length of the parade it will be mandatory as of 2019 for each group in the parade to bring a parade guide - no matter the group size and no matter if the group is walking or on a float.

OBS! Added April 29th, 2019: Vehicles with railings between 90cm and 120cm requires an additional paradeguide for safety according to the special permission acquired from the Danish authorities.

Inspiration evening planned for May 9th

Because of the new application procedure, the yearly inspiration evening is held earlier than normal.

In the meeting it will be possible to:

  • Get input to your parade planning, e.g. do's and don'ts.
  • Share good advice with each other.
  • Ask questions to the Parade Team.

The meeting is planned for:
Thursday, May 9th, from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m., at Happy Copenhagen/CPH Pride, H. C. Andersens Boulevard 27 stuen, 1553 KĂžbenhavn V.

Please notice: The meetings will be in Danish.

Line-up for all in Smallegade and Frederiksberg Bredegade

This year we will give all groups a starting position in Smallegade or Frederiksberg Bredegade - this includes the walking groups which we traditionally have placed on the square in front of the Town Hall. This is done in other to make the departure from Frederiksberg even more smooth - and at the same time we plan to use the square for something which can benefit the audience/spectators.